People & careers

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Our people

At Ambre Energy, our priority is attracting and retaining skilled and committed professionals across our global operations.

Our people reflect our expected growth and requirements for specific technical and operational skills.

Training and workforce development

Ambre Energy believes a strong company results from a skilled and motivated workforce, and so we strive to value and recognise individual talent and contributions.

We actively support professional development and training, and invest in a range of courses for employees, including management, leadership, health and safety, information technology, legal, community engagement, and media and public relations.

Health and safety commitment

Providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, contractors, consultants and visitors to our site operations is an Ambre Energy priority. We know that safe and healthy workplaces, free from injury and incident, are essential for all of our activities.

We value our employees and their communities, and reduce risk through our ongoing investment in equipment, safety monitoring, reporting and communication systems, training and safety exercises, and by building a corporate safety culture.