Decker mine, Montana, USA

Executive management

Everett King Executive Director, President & CEO - Ambre Energy North America
Dan Speck Chief Operating Officer
Darin Adlard VP of Finance
Tay Tonozzi Vice President Technical Service
John Thomas Vice President Legal

Ambre Energy expects a high degree of personal integrity from its executive management team members, who ensure the company’s performance is underpinned by a values-driven approach to business operations and a commitment to maximising shareholder value. Included among the portfolios of the executive managers are financial management, international marketing, operations management and strategic development.

Everett King

Executive Director, President & CEO, Ambre Energy North America and Chief Financial Officer, Ambre Energy Limited

Everett King is overseeing the transition of Ambre Energy’s US businesses into an operational phase, in addition to continuing development work.

With 30 years of cost and operations management experience in manufacturing, mining, logistics and technology, Everett has held top general and financial management positions in business development, finance, operations, strategic planning, mergers, divestitures, investor relations and treasury. Before joining Ambre Energy North America in May 2010, Everett was CFO for the US Engineered Products Division of the Rio Tinto Alcan Aerospace Transportation Group. He spent 23 years with The Marmon Group and was CFO and group vice-president of several member companies. Everett has been instrumental in the success of several start-ups and he has considerable experience and expertise in merger and acquisition activity, debt restructuring, bond issues, private equity investment and investor management.

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Dan Speck

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Speck has 35+ years of diverse operational and management experience in coal and aggregate mining. He is responsible for managing Ambre’s mining operations as well as corporate engineering, geology, environmental and regulatory affairs.

Prior to joining Ambre Energy in April 2012 Dan held various management positions in the coal and aggregate industries. He has extensive experience in constructing and operating mining and processing operations as well as mining related mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

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Darin Adlard

VP of Finance

Darin Adlard, CPA, joined Ambre’s finance team in 2010 and plays an active role in the acquisition, transition and development of Ambre’s financial operations.

Darin’s experience in both public and private accounting contribute to an active and effective management of Ambre’s financial resources and strategic assets, positioning Ambre to maximize the value created by the executive management team. His diverse background provides a foundation of experience and leadership for Ambre’s future.

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Tay Tonozzi

Vice President Technical Service

Tay Tonozzi is the Vice President Technical Service for Ambre Energy, and has executive responsibility for the delivery of engineering design, environmental planning, regulatory affairs, geological services, and land management.

Tay has over 15 years of environmental, mine engineering, and operation management experience in the coal mining industry. He has extensive knowledge in large multi-dragline and truck/shovel operations, with a broad portfolio of project management experience ranging from project start-ups to optimization of active operations. Prior to joining Ambre Energy in 2010, Tay held the position of Technical Service Manager for Rio Tinto’s Colowyo mine, where he managed all engineering, permitting and project development activities.

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John Thomas

VP of Legal

John Thomas has been Ambre’s General Counsel since joining the company in 2011. Before joining Ambre, he served as in-house legal counsel for public and private companies based in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

John’s broad experience allows him to provide informed, business-oriented legal counsel to boards of directors, management and fellow employees. John strives to be a true counselor who anticipates and steers the company clear of unnecessary legal conflicts, effectively and efficiently resolves the unavoidable issues and promotes the most beneficial use of a company’s talents and resources.

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