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Oil Shale

Ambre Energy is the largest private owner of oil shale leases in Utah, USA, with 38,000 acres across 18 mineral leases and in-place resources of 8.7 billion metric tons containing 5.5 billion in-situ barrels of oil.

Approximately 1 billion barrels of this oil is contained in shale resources occurring at less than 500ft of cover, with the majority of near-surface resources well placed for surface mining techniques.

The US has total oil shale reserves of 1.5 trillion barrels of oil. Accordingly, oil shale is bound to play an integral role in America's future energy security.


Ambre Energy is committed to alternative energy.

We research and develop alternative methods to produce transport fuels, particularly from coal. These include studying oil shale conversion, coal liquefaction, biomass and coal gasification.